Fastagger II

You probably know that meeting UPC bar code requirements can be a job in itself. Manually stapling tags onto ends of lumber is not only time-consuming, but also tiring. That’s why Weber developed the improved FasTagger II end-tagger.

Like its predecessor, the original FasTagger, it’s the automatic tagging tool that dispenses Weber Poly Tags and staples them securely in place — all in one step.

The FasTagger II uses compressed air to apply tags at a rate of over 100 tags per minute. Your operator simply places the tool against the end of a piece of lumber and pulls the trigger. The FasTagger II automatically staples the tag to the lumber, cuts it, and then feeds the next tag into position. A special feed mechanism increases speed while decreasing chances for tag jam up.

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1. Turnbar tower/roller assembly accurately guides PolyTags as they are fed through the tool.
2. Tough PolyTags resist fading and readily accept thermal-transfer printing.
3. Rugged protective roll housing holds up to 8.0″ O.D. rolls of PolyTags.
4. Anti-slip grip helps prevent hand from slipping.
5. 1/4″ industrial interchange air coupling.
6. Staple magazine holds up to 179 staples.
7. Tether ring helps reduce fatigue when used with a shock cord.
8. Quick-release tag guide opens smoothly with slide block and provides easy access to tags.
9. Tag cutter & stapler precisely cuts the tags and staples them in one continuous motion.
10. Durable Housing constructed of one-piece, anodized billet aluminum.
11. Easy-Action Trigger

And the FasTagger II is even equipped to handle the rare occasions that a tag does get caught. Its quick-release tag guide lets you easily reach the jammed tag and fix the problem immediately.

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