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The largest saw adapter company in the world.

Big Foot Tools is not your average, everyday tool manufacturing company, and neither is the man who envisioned the company and these – quite literally – cutting edge tools. Robert Hutchings worked as a framer and carpenter for nearly three decades. It was because of his years of on-the-job work experience that Big Foot produces the saws that they do.


Call For Bulk Pricing: (541) 485-2800

Call For Bulk Pricing: (541) 485-2800


How much of the chainsaw bar do I lose when clamping on the Big Foot Head Cutter?

You will lose a minimum of 4” when clamping the Head Cutter chainsaw attachment on to your chainsaw.

Why do I need a bigger gauge cord for my Big Foot Saw?

The saw is an after-market attachment for your Skil/Bosch 7-1/4” saw.  The 10-1/4” blade draws more amps than your factory saw.  By using a 10-gage cord you will  draw fewer amps, resulting in a longer life span for your Big Foot Saw.  Twenty year-old Big Foot Saws are still in use today.

Does the Big Foot 10-1/4” Saw have a warranty?

Yes the Big Foot Saw has the same warranty as the Skil®/Bosch® 7-1/4” saws.  There is a 1-year warranty on all Big Foot parts.

Why are the Big Foot Parts made out of magnesium?

Magnesium is roughly 34% lighter than aluminum.  Big Foot Tools was the very first company to offer a complete saw with all guards made out of magnesium.

Does the Big Foot 10-1/4” Saw meet OSHA Standards & requirements?

Yes, the Big Foot Saw meets all OSHA Standards & Requirements, and all the stat requirements, also.

Is the Big Foot Blade too thin and does it wobble when ripping?

No, it doesn’t wobble at all.  The Big Foot 10-1/4” Blade was designed for the Big Foot Saw itself.  The only reason for the Big Foot Blade to wobble is missing teeth or being dull.  So always keep an extra 10-1/4” blade on hand with you.

Does the Big Foot Saw’s weight make it difficult to use all day?

No, the saw weighs only 14.68 lbs, which is the tool only, not including the blade and cord. That is only 0.55 lbs heavier than you standard 7-1/4″ SKILSAW® you are already using today.

Can I turn my Big Foot Saw back into a 7-1/4” saw once I have adapted the Big Foot Kit to my saw?

No.  Once you convert your 7-1/4” saw into a Big Foot 10-1/4” saw it can’t be turned back to a factory 7-1/4” saw.

Does the Big Foot Blade have a diamond knockout?

Yes, all the Big Foot 10-1/4” Blades have a diamond knockout.  Just place your new Big Foot Blade so the writing is facing down and the hole is elevated up.  Hit the corner of the round hole.  The diamond knockout should pop right out.

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