Applications For Raptor Plastic Staples and Nails

Common Uses Of Raptor Plastic Nails And Staples:

Benefits Of Using Raptor Fasteners:  Raptor Plastic Staples & Nails are great for applications where metal fasteners are a problem… (read more)
 Timber Processing:  Log and lumber tagging and wrapping. (read more)
Woodworking:  Used as temporary clamps as well as specialty applications… (read more)
Boat Building:  Strip planking, cold molding, and fiberglass layup… (read more)
CNC Woodworking:  Reducing router bit damage, securing millwork, and holding materials to the spoilboard… (read more)
Composites Manufacturing:  Wind turbine blade manufacturing and composite boat building. (read more)
Cellular PVC Trim:  Exterior trim, cornerboard, beadboard, stacked moldings, and OEM fabrication… (read more)

The Benefits of Raptor Composite Plastic Staples and Nails:


  • Can be worked like wood: Raptor fasteners can be cut, shaped and sanded with the wood without damaging bits, blades or abrasives.
  • Save time/labor: Raptor fasteners can be left in and do not need to be removed. They will not rust, stain, delaminate or cause problems. Raptor fasteners eliminate downtime.
  • Save money: Raptor fasteners will save on bit, blade and abrasive damage and the downtime to replace bits, blades or abrasives from metal nail damage so manufacturing costs are reduced.


  • Won’t deteriorate wood: The thermal conductivity of metal nails causes condensation of moisture at the surface of the nail which promotes corrosion and wood deterioration. Raptor fasteners are similar to wood in their thermal conductivity, so they do not cause condensation, corrosion and wood deterioration.
  • Save time: Raptor fasteners sand down with the wood and accept stain so there is no need to putty, saving one step in production and the appearance is better than putty.
  • No electrolysis or galvanic corrosion: Raptor fasteners are completely non-metal and cannot rust, oxidize, corrode or cause galvanic corrosion of other metals.


  • NATURAL BONDING: The shaft of the nail or staple fuses permanently with the material creating a powerful interfacial bond between the fastener and the material.
  • STRONG HOLDING POWER: Has twice the tensile holding power compared to similar sized steel fasteners.
  • HIGH-QUALITY RESULTS: Raptor creates a longer-lasting, high-quality end product.


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  • Lumber Wrapping, Log Tagging, Load Tagging, and Lumber Tagging

  • Completely non-metal ⋅ No need to remove

  • Won’t trip metal detectors ⋅ Won’t rust or stain lumber

  • Won’t damage blades or tools ⋅ RF and microwave safe

  • Stronger tensile holding power  than similar sized metal staples

  • Safe for kraft pulping process ⋅ Performs well at low and high temperatures

  • Driving performance and strength are unaffected by extreme weather

  • UV, moisture, and chemical resistant ⋅ No sparking hazard

  • Raptor caps provide strain relief to prevent lumber wrap tearing

Log and Lumber Tagging and Wrapping

Woodworking With Raptor Staples and Nails:

Applications:  Raptor composite nails, brads & pins are used as temporary clamps for:  Cabinets – Doors – Furniture – Case Goods – Window Glazing Bead – CNC Woodwork – Boat Construction – Carving – Picture Frames – Molding & Decorative Trim – Paneling – Rattan
Advantages:  Completely non-metal – Can easily be sawed, sanded or cut – Eliminates sander belt & tool damage – No need to remove – No puttying necessary – Accepts stains – Produces high-quality end products
Woodworking with Raptor nails and staples

Boat Building with Raptor – Advantages And Applications:

 Advantages:  Completely non-metal – No need to remove – Sawable, sandable, planeable and stainable – No galvanic corrosion or electrolysis – Bonds with thermoset resins
Boat Building
  • Strip Planking:  Raptor 15 gauge finish nails or Raptor 18 gauge brad nails secure wood strips to the frame of the hull or to the next strip during the cure/set cycle.
  • Cold Molding:  Raptor 18 gauge brad nails fasten layers of thin veneers together at different orientations to create a strong, watertight and lightweight, monocoque hull.
  • Fiberglass Layup:  Raptor 19 gauge staples hold sheets of fiberglass in place during the resin infusion process.
  • Additional Applications:  Vacuum Infusion • RTM • Mast Building • Decking • Trim • Interiors • Plugs • Headliners • Upholstery

CNC Woodworking With Raptor Composite Plastic Nails:

 Advantages:  Completely non-metal – No need to remove – Can be sawed or sanded – No router bit damage – Holds multiple layers – Holds edges where vacuum may not hold – No need to specially locate the nail – Makes difficult patterns easier to cut – Eliminates router bit breakage from accidental contact with steel fasteners
CNC Woodworking
  • Secure smaller millwork pieces to the spoilboard that the vacuum table cannot hold.
  • Hold down materials to the spoil board 2X stronger than steel nails do. This allows for more aggressive cuts and use of multiple layers. It also assists vacuum systems and eliminates the need for clamping.
  • These nails can be removed by post drilling them through or by simply tapping the board material laterally to shear at the interface.

Composites Manufacturing With Raptor Products:

Applications:  Raptor Staples and Nails are widely used in wind turbine blade manufacturing and composite boat building. These polymer composite plastic fasteners compliment any composites application utilizing RTM, VARTM, pre-preg, fiberglass mat, carbon fiber mat or SCRIMP lay-up. Additionally, there are many other composites applications for Raptor products. It is not necessary to remove these fasteners because they will not corrode or delaminate, and interfacial bonding is excellent.
Advantages:   No need to remove – Reduces adhesive use – No corrosion/delamination – No holes to fill – No outgassing from holes – No fish eye defects
Composites Manufacturing

Cellular PVC Trim Applications and Advantages:

Applications:  Exterior Trim – Cornerboard – Beadboard – Stacked Mouldings – OEM Fabrication
Advantages:  Will not rust, corrode or stain material – Can run through moulders and lathes – Sawable, sandable and planeable – Will not damage router bits or blades – Stack and cut multiple layers – Nails outlast the life of the PVC – Retains strength in wet and arid climates – Available in white and in other colors
Cellular PVC Trim With Raptor

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Due to operating pressures and other factors, plastic Raptor nails and staples must be used with tools designed specifically for them.

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