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AncoStaff copy250x167border5ANCO Fastener Sales specializes in collated fasteners and tools for all types of fastening related equipment and machinery.

Our customers and our application base include all of the phases of construction.  Primarily we serve residential and commercial  needs.  Including framing, roofing, siding, flooring, masonry, fencing, and finish carpentry.  Additionally, our customers include mills, cabinet shops, furniture manufacturers, woodworkers, pallet and crate builders, and many other types of manufacturing applications.

We supply specialty applications for the automotive, marine, RV manufacturing, upholstery, and bedding industries.  ANCO Fastener Sales also serves the packaging industry including those businesses dealing in carton and bag closure.   ANCO is a full-line supplier of plastic staples, stainless steel, automated nailing wire, aluminum and copper collated fasteners, as well as many other hard to find items.  We are wholesalers to mills, dealers, contractors, and individuals in all of these industries.  We offer fast shipping to all of the US and Canada.  Due to contractual agreements with our suppliers, we cannot list prices on the internet.

Call us at (541) 485-2800 we answer the phone personally (no voice mail) between 7:00 am and 5:00 pm Pacific Time, Monday thru Friday.   We’ll give you a quick quote and advice or you can email us at

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Our Featured Product

We feature and stock Raptor brand polymer plastic staples and nails and can ship them worldwide. Raptor plastic staples and Raptornails are non-susceptible to rust, corrosion and oxidation, and can be cut or sanded without tool or blade damage...

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